New year, new laws in Texas

New year, new laws in Texas

New year, new laws in Texas

We break down three of them for you.

SAN ANTONIO — There are new laws on the book for the new year in Texas that went into effect on Sunday.


We’re breaking down three of the new laws for you.

We’ll start with changes to our state’s judicial branch. House Bill 33774 restructures the court system to now allow the public to access the state’s court document database.

But if you want access, you’ll still need permission from the Texas Supreme Court.

There’s also new property tax codes for public schools.

SB 12 limits the amount of property taxes school districts can place on folks who are elderly or disabled.

The measure will also give funding to districts trying to make up for those losses.

And finally, there are also new air pollution rules in our state.

Senate Bill 1210 stops local building codes from banning the use of material used in air conditioning systems. The material is called "substitute refrigerant."

These codes are in line with the U.S. government’s Clean Air Act.

We’re also just days away from the start of the state’s 88th Legislative Session, which kicks off Jan. 10.





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