Sour Patch Themed Makeup!

Sour Patch Themed Makeup!

1. Taste Beauty Sour Patch Kids 5-Piece Flavored Lip Gloss

  • ncludes 5 flavored lip gloss sticks
  • Fun fruity and sweet flavored of lip gloss gift pack make great collectibles
  • Flavors includes: red berry, orange, lemon, lime, and blue raspberry in 0.04 fl oz tubes and brushes

2. Sour Patch Kids–Flavored Lip Balm and Keychain Holder, (Flavor), 2-Piece Set

  • CANDY-FLAVORED LIP BALM: Take your craving for sweet then sour candy on the go with this fun keychain lip-balm holder! You’ll love the taste of our officially licensed Sour Patch Kids merchandise!
  • COOL SOUR PATCH KIDS CASE: Get a tasty lip balm tube and a fun lip balm holder all in one package! The Sour Patch Kids mascot design of the keychain looks adorable hanging off any bag!


3. Sour Patch Kids 8 Pack Lip Balm 

  • Set includes 8 flavored lip balms
  • Each balm is Sour Patch Kids flavored
  • Great balms for adults and kids alike
  • Officially licensed product
  • Cruelty free and never tested on animals!
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