The Honest Company! Have you tried them?

The Honest Company! Have you tried them?

The Honest Company, Inc. is an American digital-first consumer goods company, based in Los Angeles and founded by actress Jessica Alba. The company had $319 million in 2021 sales, and was valued at roughly $550 million as of February 2022.

THE HONEST COMPANY is focused on creating non-toxic household  and beauty products. The company is founded by Golden Globe-nominated actress and mother of two daughters, Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan.

What I haven't paid much attention to before is how much toxic chemicals were in our everyday products like shampoo, detergent and common household products. I simply made the assumption that everything on store shelves are safe. That is not always the case. There are a lot of toxic chemicals found in everyday products linked to chronic diseases: autism, cancer, etc. We can make safer and better choices for our family and ourselves. It is important to always create the safest and most loving environment for our children and family; but also for ourselves!

The Honest Company makes personal care products, eco-friendly cleaning products, and natural, high performing diapers with super cool print designs. All these can be purchase and you could save up to 35% off with a Honest Company coupon code found at the end of this post. Even their hand sanitizers are less harsh on our hands.

The Honest Company Review You Should Know About

I have sensitive skin and during the winter time it gets super dried. I first discovered THE HONEST COMPANY beauty award winning Organic Healing Balm

whats your take on THE HONEST COMPANY?

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