are beauty blenders supposed to be wet?

are beauty blenders supposed to be wet?

Yes, beauty blenders are supposed to be wet before use. Wetting the beauty blender helps to ensure that the sponge does not absorb too much product, which can result in wastage and uneven application. Additionally, a damp beauty blender helps to blend makeup seamlessly into the skin, creating a more natural and flawless finish.

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To use a beauty blender, it is recommended to run the sponge under water and squeeze it gently until it expands and becomes saturated. Then, squeeze out any excess water, and use the sponge to apply and blend makeup onto the skin, using a bouncing or tapping motion.


It is worth noting that using a dry beauty blender can result in a more cakey and patchy application, and can also damage the sponge over time. Therefore, it is important to wet the beauty blender before each use to ensure optimal performance and longevity.



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