Travis Scott Banned From Performing At The Pyramids In Egypt

Travis Scott Banned From Performing At The Pyramids In Egypt

The Egyptian musicians’ syndicate were worried by Travis’ “rituals.”

Travis Scott had some big plans next week for his new album Utopia. The plan was for him to perform the album in full at the Pyramids in Egypt. Overall, this would happen just outside of Cairo, which is the country’s capital. Tickets for the show had already completely sold out. Although the show is a long way from the United States, this felt like a truly incredible idea. After all, what better way to display a new album than in front of one of the world’s greatest wonders?


As it turns out, the syndicate took a look at Travis’ planned stage show, and was immediately appalled by some of the “rituals” he was going to perform. “The syndicate found images and documented information on the strange rituals he practices, which go against our traditions,” a statement from the group explained. Simply put, they felt like Scott’s performance was disrespectful to Egyptian culture. Although, they did not explain exactly what Scott was going to do.

This is a huge blow to the Utopia roll out. For now, Travis has yet to give a statement on exactly what is going on. Only time will tell what he decides to do next. Let us know what you think of all this

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