Why Everyone Is Raving About Drake & Taylor Swift

Why Everyone Is Raving About Drake & Taylor Swift

Drake certainly doesn’t shy away from mentioning other artists in his music, but fans were left stunned after his confession regarding Taylor Swift in a new song.

On Friday, November 17, Drake released the song 'Red Button' and quickly got fans talking. The song, in typical Drake fashion, has the rapper bragging about his success in the industry and how he considers himself leaps and bounds ahead of his competition. But he did admit that there is only one artist that would have him consider releasing an album and surprisingly, it is Swift.

Why did Drake rate Taylor Swift?

Drake's lyrics in the song state, “Taylor Swift the only n**** that I ever rated. Only one could make me drop the album just a little later. Rest of y’all, I treat you like you never made it.” This confession left fans wondering why Drake holds Taylor Swift in such high regard.

While Drake didn't provide any specific details about why he rates Taylor Swift, it's clear that he sees something special in her. Perhaps it's her immense talent, her ability to connect with fans, or her success in the music industry. Whatever the reason may be, it's evident that Drake respects Swift's artistry and considers her a force to be reckoned with.

What does this mean for Taylor Swift?

Being praised by one of the biggest names in the music industry is undoubtedly a significant moment for Taylor Swift. Drake's confession not only highlights her talent but also solidifies her status as a respected artist among her peers.

Furthermore, Drake's mention of Taylor Swift in his song could potentially lead to a collaboration between the two artists. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a collaboration between Drake and Swift, and this confession might just be the catalyst for it to happen.

What does this mean for Drake?

Drake's confession about Taylor Swift showcases his willingness to acknowledge and appreciate talent outside of his own genre. It demonstrates his versatility as an artist and his ability to recognize greatness in others.

Furthermore, this confession could potentially open doors for Drake in terms of collaborations with artists from different genres. It shows that he is open to exploring new musical territories and working with artists who bring a unique perspective to the table.


Drake's surprising confession about Taylor Swift in his new song has left fans intrigued and excited. It highlights the mutual respect and admiration between two incredibly talented artists. Whether this confession leads to a collaboration or not, it serves as a reminder that great artists can appreciate and recognize greatness in others.

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