how to apply for student loan forgiveness

how to apply for student loan forgiveness


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Send the completed form with your employer's certification to MOHELA, the federal loan servicer for the PSLF Program. You may also fax your PSLF form to MOHELA at 866-222-7060. If MOHELA is already your servicer, you may upload your PSLF form on the MOHELA website.


Does everyone qualify for student loan forgiveness?

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Not everyone that works in public service qualifies for PSLF. You'll need to work full time at a qualifying organization and make 120 on-time loan payments. Those payments must be under a qualifying repayment plan, including: Income-Based Repayment (IBR)
Do I need to fill out an application for student loan forgiveness?
After you make your 120th qualifying monthly payment for PSLF, you'll need to submit the PSLF form to receive loan forgiveness. You must be working for a qualifying employer at the time you submit the PSLF form and at the time the remaining balance on your loan is forgiven.
How long does the student loan forgiveness process take?
This process can take at least 90 days, but it could take longer.
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