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Abundance Attraction Sugar Scrub

Abundance Attraction Sugar Scrub

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20oz Abundance attraction potion sugar scrub is for use in shower, bath, while shaving etc. 


The benefits of our sugar scrub

- Helps soothe skin irritation
- Regulates oiliness on the skin
- Natural moisturizer
- Prevents against infection
- Promotes wound healing
- Gentle and wont dry out the skin
- Keeps skin young
- Reduces Acne

 How to use: To keep your skin feeling super smooth, we recommend using this two / three times a week. We know you will want to use it more, but you don't want to over-exfoliate your skin and NEVER use this when you have a sun burn unless you like the feel of sand paper on flaming skin, yah that's a hard no! But, it does help to remove the skin in the pealing stage.

Our skin is super soft and smooth, we probably don't have finger prints left since we don't test on animals (pretty sure dogs would eat it) and we personally test everything we sell!


Ingredients: Sugar, Coconut oil, Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Myristate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Salt (Sodium Chloride), Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E(Tocopherol), Fragrance

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Customer Reviews

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love this oil! It definitely works!!! Would definitely recommend it!


AMAZING and worth every penny. I’m impressed by the quality of these scrubs - they smell so beautiful. If that makes sense :) You can tell they are made with tender love and care. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us regular people. I’m definitely purchasing more.


Amazing product, but crazy how i got a raise 2 days after using this plus a check i had been waiting for. 🤔 will be buying again


I love this product so much, and with my entire order came a little gift! It was such a sweet addition. This stuff smells so damn good, and feels amazing during washing and right after when your face is completely dry.


Not only is it beautiful to look at it also smells amazing and it left my skin feeling silky smooth! ❤️❤️❤️ 2 day shipping