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Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer

Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer

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  • HAPPY, HEALTHY & HYDRATED: Alkaline water may help detoxify the body, increase energy & hydration
  • Produce 7 Healthy Water: 4 ionized alkaline water (ph 7.5-10.5); 1 non-ionized purified water (ph 7); 2 ionized acidic water (ph 3.5-6.5).
  • FILTRATION AT ITS FINEST: With An Internal Replaceable Active Carbon Water Filter: It efficiently remove the bad taste, odors, organic matter, residual chorine and other harmful substances in the water. Perform high efficiency and long usage life of adsorption.Advanced filtration technology purifies & ionizes over 6000 liters
  • Advanced Electroplate Technology,Smart Voice: 5pcs Titanium with Platinum coating plates, applied with Japan imported IONIC MEMBRANE, provding higher efficiency electrolysis and longer working time.
  • Additional Features: 110V ~ 220V power universal/ produce water pH 3.5 to 10.5/ +600 to -500mV ORP level/ Make the water TDS from 50 to 1000PPM/ Super large 3.8 inch colorful LCD screen display./Pass WQA Certification & NSF Certification in American.


※Alkaline Water is high in antioxidants and ideal for healthy drinking water.

※Acidic Water though not intended for drinking, is perfectly suited for skin, hair and scalp conditioning as well as plant care.

※Purified water is good for medicine or milk power.

※In addition to allowing you to adjust your water’s PH level, all our water ionizers have built-in Active Carbon Water Filters designed to remove a whole host of harmful pollutants found in tap water.


*Main Function: Carbon water filter work as water filter system,Electrolyte water into ionized alkaline&acidic water

*7 Water Settings:alkaline water 4 levels/Acidic water 2 levels/Purified water 1 level

*PH Range:PH3.5-10.5

*ORP :+600 to -500mV

*TDS Range :50 to 1000PPM

*Power:AC110V-240V 50/60HZ

*Stand by power consumption:1W

*Electrolytic cell material:Five-plate four-slot,High-tech precision sintered titanium white gold electrolytic board

*Filter material:Japan coconut shell carbon fiber filter

*Touch control display:3.8inch LCD display,colorful\ORP\PH digital display



*Package Size:285mm(11.2inch)*170mm(6.7inch)*110mm(4.3inch)

What is the benefit of ALKALINE WATER?

HYDRATE – Increase Your Ability to Stay Hydrated

ENERGIZE – Boosts Your Energy Levels

FIGHTS FREE RADICALS – Protect Your Healthy Cells

DETOXIFY – Aid in Elimination of Toxins

LOWERS BODY ACIDITY – Balance Your Bodies pH Levels

RESTORE ELECTROLYTE – Replenishes Vital Minerals and Electrolytes

How to use Alkadrops water ionizer ?

1.Connect the machine with your Faucet correctly follow manual.

2.Power the water ionizer

3.Set the water type on the touch panel,get the water you want!

Manufacturer, besides retail, we also welcome your bulk orders

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